Precious Metals: New Brokers For Gold Investors

New Brokers for Gold Investors

Gold investors have seen some interesting trends so far this year, and this is leading many to wonder how far we can extend in terms of the bullish activity in precious metals.  The rallies have been impressive in both gold and silver, so it is becoming more and more clear that this space will likely receive increased attention going forward.  There are several options for ways investors are able to gain access to these markets, so it is essential for precious metals investors to explore their possibilities when buying or selling gold assets.

Gold Price Performance

“Gold prices have rallied more than 17% so far this year,” said Tony Davis, gold markets analyst at Atlanta Gold & Coin“The moves have been based largely on changing expectations at the Federal Reserve, and this has created some interesting long-term opportunities for gold investors.”

With this in mind, it makes sense to look at where gold is currently trading so that we can select which new broker options are best-suited for our long-term investment goals.  Here, we will look at a price chart that tracks the value of gold relative to the US Dollar over the last year.

Chart View:  Gold Markets

With recent price activity, we can see that gold prices have corrected all of the losses that were generated at the end of last year.  On the fundamental side, gold bulls have rested their buy positions on the fact that the Fed is viewed as being increasingly unlikely to be the catalyst in raising interest rates in an aggressive fashion.  This is a positive for all of the precious metals markets, so it is not entirely surprising to see rallies like the ones we have experienced already this year.

Gold Broker Choices

When market opportunities like these present themselves, investors should view the financial landscape and find the best ways of expressing your views on the market.  In some cases, investors will select the SPDR Gold Trust ETF (NYSE: GLD).  But for investors looking for the security of physical assets, it makes sense to explore options where gold bars and gold coins can be bought and sold.

One of the best broker choices continues to be Atlanta Gold & Coin, which allows investors to sell gold online through the mail system.  This is a service that is not entirely common in the precious metals markets, so the added convenience and accuracy here should not be overlooked by investors.  This continues to be one of the best methods available for gold and silver investors that are looking for a reputable and efficient broker.